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Blood hawks were a species of deadly predatory bird.[3][5]


Blood hawks were about the same size as a regular hawk with a large wingspan. They had speckled grey feathers. Their beaks and talons were strong and extremely sharp.[3]


Male blood hawks hunted in groups called murders. Blood hawks were more vicious than other birds-of-prey. They possessed an insatiable desire for fresh blood. They were known to attack a target merely for the pleasure they gained from killing.[3][5]


Blood hawks were very deadly opponents. They were very fast and maneuverable. They were stubborn fighters, continuing to attack a target even if they suffered injuries.[3]


Evil bird maidens in Zakhara were known to shapeshift into blood hawks.[6]


Male blood hawks often took gems from the corpses of their prey, which they used to decorate their nests to attract females.[3]


Blood hawks were obligate carnivores and hunted humanoids, particularly humans. They got their name from their habit of consuming as much fresh blood as possible.[5]


Outside of Faerun, blood hawks were known to be encountered in various deserts in Maztica.[7]

Beyond the Prime Material plane, blood hawks could be found in the plane of Acheron.[8]



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