Blood mages are powerful wizards who have learned to turn their very blood into a weapon of arcane power. The way of a blood mage is undoubtedly painful but its rewards are enormous to those strong enough to survive it. With the proper training, a blood mage makes their own body the fuel to empower their spells. [1]


Blood mage training, as one would expect, focuses entirely on using the life-giving properties of blood as a force for lethal power. Among the most basic of these abilities is a blood mage’s capacity to wound themselves and then, using the blood shed in this self-injury, deal additional damage to an enemy of their choice by blending their blood into one of their spells. Blood mages can also prolong the damage dealt with one of their spells or, with more training, use their wounds, while badly injured, to create a deadly blast of arcane energy emanating from their own body. [1]

The spells of a blood mage are focused around increasing the power of the wizard using them. Blood pulse, the simplest blood mage spell, allows a blood mage to create a blast of arcane energy from a sliver of their own blood. Another spell, destructive salutation, while not innately based in blood, is also a potent attack, causing a psychic blast to emanate from the blood mage, stunning nearby foes.[2]


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