Blood of the Yakuza is an adventure module for the Oriental Adventures campaign setting using the 1st-edition Dungeons & Dragons ruleset, printed in 1987. It is set in Wa in Kara-Tur.

In the port city of Nakamaru, the masks of deceit and treachery embroil the entire city. Plots and counterplots, loyalties, revenge...all can be found in this city of Wa.

You have been thrust among this cauldron of intrigue. You must pick your loyalties with care. Will you side with one of the yakuza gangs in their secret battle for control of the streets? Will you throw your fate into the political whirlwind that surrounds the powerful families of Nakamaru? Will you sohei battle his rivals for the hearts of the people?

Blood of the Yakuza is an adventure for use in your Oriental Adventures campaign. It includes a colorful city map of Nakamaru, and descriptions of all the major NPCs, districts, and factions of the city. All of these make Nakamaru an exciting and dangerous place for adventure!


  • Introduction
  • Life in Wa
  • Timeline
  • Politics of Wa
  • History
  • Calendar
  • Districts of Nakamaru
  • Architecture of Wa
  • Factions of Nakamaru
  • Plots
  • Events
  • Glossary

Also includes an Encounter Construction Booklet:

  • NPC Listings
  • Maps
  • NPC Record Form


Hino Sadamoto



  1. The timeline on page 6 says the module takes place in Shou Year 2607 and in 1777 on the Wa calendar, though this latter date conventionally corresponds to 1359 DR. The 1777 Wa date is assumed to be incorrect, as Shou Year 2607 is also the date of Ochimo: The Spirit Warrior, published the same year. The standard Shou-to-Wa calendar conversion is correct in earlier entries.



  1. David "Zeb" Cook (1987). Blood of the Yakuza. (TSR, Inc), p. 6. ISBN 0-88038-401-8.
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