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Bloodbag imps were a specialized variety of imp.[1]


Bloodbag imps were 2‑foot (0.61‑meter) tall humanoids with short limbs and powerful wings. They were bloated with blood to the point that they were almost as wide as they were tall, and their skin was delicate and semi-translucent. Most of their weight was from the blood that filled them; their internal organs floated freely within.[1]


Bloodbag imps, like other devils, could see perfectly in normal or magical darkness. They spoke the Common and Infernal languages, but their fang-filled mouths could make understanding them difficult. The bite of a bloodbag imp was poisonous. Innate magical abilities allowed them to duplicate the effects of the spells detect good, detect magic, and invisibility (on itself only) at will, and vampiric touch once per day. Bloodbag imps also regenerated damage at an accelerated rate.[1]

Bloodbag imps possessed the particular ability to curse a creature within 30 feet (9.1 meters) of it, causing the creature to be injured by melee weapons as if the weapons had the wounding property. An imp could use this curse up to three times each day.[1]

Other creatures could drink a bloodbag imp's blood to heal themselves, so long as the imp was willing and conscious. Although this damaged the imp, it was not lethal and quickly recovered.[1]


Bloodbag imps were created by the devils as a way to heal during combat, since most devils lacked healing magic. They were found throughout the Nine Hells.[1]

Bloodbag imps could be summoned by the spell summon monster IV.[1]

Notable Bloodbag Imps[]

  • Caedes, a bloodbag imp that served a vampire in Waterdeep.[2]



Dungeon #127: "Dungeon of the Crypt"



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