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Bloodfire oozes were an unnatural type of ooze, infused with elemental fire, that were created through horrid rituals.[1][2][3]


The average bloodfire ooze was roughly 15 feet (4.6 meters) long and weighed around 8,000 pounds (3,600 kilograms). Though larger specimens were known to exist and these oozes grew larger the more blood they consumed.[3]

These amorphous oozes resembled a slithering mass of seething and boiling blood. Occasionally they manifested faces that were twisted in torment, which were personifications of its demonic essence and often resembled the faces of those whose blood was sacrificed to create them.[1][3]

Bloodfire oozes radiated tremendous heat from their bodies and reeked of the smell of sulfur.[1][2] Whenever they quickly absorbed any faces that manifested upon them, clouds of poisonous sulfuric gas would be disgorged.[1]


These oozes were virtually mindless creatures,[1][3] only dimly aware of their surroundings.[2] Though they were motivated by evil acts and the moment they came into existence a bloodfire oozed pursued nourishment.[3]


These creatures were impervious to harm from elemental fire and their bodies radiated a sort of demonic fire. Though they were vulnerable to cold-based attacks.[1]

Due to their affinity for fire, they increased the power of any fire-based spell or spell-like ability that was cast within 60 feet (18 meters) of them.[2]


Bloodfire oozes did not employ any sophisticated tactics,[1] beyond overwhelming and burning their enemies.[3] Any creature that struck them or was touched by them would be inflicted with harm from elemental fire, said fire being so potent it could partially bypass fire resistance[4] . In addition, they were known to spew flames at their enemies from distances of up to 10 feet (3 meters).[1][2], also they could spew sulfur to poison their enemy[4]


In 1375 DR, a phaerimm lairing within the tomb of the Netherese scholar Augathra the Mad created a blighted bloodfire ooze.[5]

In 1479 DR,[6] bloodfire oozes could be found within Mount Hotenow.[7]


The ritual to create these creatures involved mixing large quantities of sacrificial blood with the ichor of a demon.[1][2] This sacrificial blood had to be sourced from at least a hundred good or neutrally-aligned humanoids — even more depending upon the desired size of the ooze. The mixture had to be done in an enormous cauldron, inscribed with special runes, and worth at least 3,000 gold pieces. Finally, the ritual had to be done within the area of an unhallow spell and it took a total of twenty four hours to complete.[3]

They were often created to serve as guards or to enhance a creature's own magical fire-based abilities.[3]


Bloodfire oozes fed upon the blood of other creatures and were especially nourished by the blood of good-aligned creatures.[3]


Bloodfire oozes recognized their creators and could be harnessed as guardians so long as they were regularly fed. They were often paired alongside traps and other monsters that had a strong resistance or immunity to fire.[1]

In Faerûn, these oozes were most common in the land of Thay. There they were created by Red Wizards to guard their laboratories, temples, and other important locales.[3] Beyond them, fanatical priests of Orcus and other demon princes were most often associated with creating these creatures.[1]

Evil evokers and evil outsiders that could use fire spells or abilities,[3] as well as beings of fire, were known to create or keep these creatures nearby in order to enhance their own fiery abilities.[2] Such "beings of fire" included efreet and salamanders.[3]



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