A bloodkiss beholder was a kind of undead vampiric beholder whose eyestalks had mutated into mouths that allowed it to drain the blood of its victims.[1]


The flesh of a bloodkiss beholder's body had been twisted by necrotic energy until it barely resembled its living form. At the end of its stalks were toothed orifices it used to drain blood.[1]


Bloodkiss beholders could perform a banshee-like scream that disoriented their prey, and they would rush into a group of victims before screaming at them. Their thirst for blood drove them into a violent frenzy, attacking nearby prey with ferocity. The scent of bloodied prey drove them into a deeper frenzy, and they would hook their teeth into injured food and drain it to recover. If they could smell blood nearby but couldn't reach it, they would scream even harder in a fit of hunger to prevent prey from fleeing. Great injury would result in writhing and banshee-like screaming in distress. Despite their thirst for blood, they were still rational beings and would flee when a situation became too dangerous.[1]


Bloodkiss beholders were intelligent undead similar in behavior to their old selves despite their cravings for blood. They preferred to live alone, but could be forced into service by powerful necromancers.[1]


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