The Blue Bear tribe were a tribe of the Uthgardt barbarians.[citation needed]


In 1313 DR, the Tree Ghost tribe separated from the Blue Bears.[citation needed]

Around 1368 DR, shaman and chieftain, Tanta Hagara, marched the Blue Bears on Hellgate Keep and in 1369 DR, the tribe was destroyed at. Their totem was defeated and absorbed by Malar the Beastlord.[citation needed]

By the time of the War of the Silver Marches, the tribe was slowly beginning to reform. The clans haunting the High Forest had emerged and begun to spread throughout Delimbiyr Vale, from the Nether Mountains to the northern edge of the High Moor-territory unclaimed by their Uthgardt rivals. The Blue Bears were careful to stay hidden when traveling to and from their spirit mound at Stone Stand, preserving the myth that they are extinct. The tribe's great chief was a canny old woman named Kriga Moonmusk, who traveled in a fur-draped chair carried by four tribal warriors.[1]


The Blue Bear tribe nearly became extinct in 1369 DR, although its bloodline continued in the Tree Ghost tribe that broke off from the corrupt Blue Bears in 1313 DR. By the time of the War of the Silver Marches, the tribe had made and alliance with the Stone giant thane Kayalithica at Deadstone Cleft.[1]