The Blue Dragon Mask was one of the five dragon masks that carried the blessings of Tiamat in the efforts of the reformed Cult of the Dragon to summon her to Toril.[1]


The Blue Dragon Mask was glossy blue in color, with spiked edges and a central horn.[1]


The wearer of the Blue Dragon Mask gained a large number of powers, such as extremely strong resistance to damage from lightning, as well as an increase in the potency of lightning attacks and improvements to defense and endurance. The mask also granted its wearer with darkvision and blindsight, as well as the understanding of Draconic.[1]

The main feature of the Blue Dragon Mask was to turn its wearer into a wyrmspeaker, who could think like a dragon and was capable of subtly influencing other dragons' behaviors.[2]

When two or more of the masks combined, they magically transformed into the Mask of the Dragon Queen, which combined the properties of all five masks and granted immense powers to its wearer.[3] The Mask of the Dragon Queen was essential in the ritual to free Tiamat from her imprisonment in the Nine Hells.[2]


In the 1480s DR, a forgery of the Blue Dragon Mask was in Iskander's possession within Xonthal's Tower.[4]

The location of the true mask was revealed by Tiamat to Severin Silrajin.[2]




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