The Blue Dragons was the name of Cormyr's Royal Navy. It was based in the Citadel of the Purple Dragons in Suzail and patrolled the waters of the Dragonmere.[3]

Organization[edit | edit source]

In the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, the Blue Dragons numbered more than 2,500 trained naval warriors. Fourteen large vessels led the fleet. The flagship and unofficial royal yacht was called the Crown of Cormyr. It was like a floating palace but was well-equipped with ballistae and catapults for flinging "firepots" (alchemist's fire) at enemies. The command ship was called the Dragon and was the largest warship in the fleet. The mere presence of these ships in the harbor was enough to dissuade Westgate and the other enemy navies of the Sea of Fallen Stars from attacking Suzail.[3]

The ships that did most of the work were much smaller and faster coast-runners such as the Blade of Espar and the Lance of Wheloon. These were out almost every day on the waters of the Inner Sea hunting pirates.[3]

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