A blue abishai was a devil, and the most learned of abishai.[1]


They had blue skin, and unlike all other abishai, had a couple of horns at the end of their noses.[1]


Blue abishai were primarily known for their very high intelligence and foresight. They considered themselves loremasters, seeking out lost relics and tomes. Research into occult tomes and spellbooks from across the planes was a favored activity of theirs, and made them shrewd opponents with a large array of powerful spells.[1]


These abishai were prolific spellcasters, knowing several wizard spells, mainly those that controlled the environment and minds, or spells that were purely destructive. Their destructive spells were of the cold and lightning types, from cone of cold to chain lightning.[1]

Blue abishai resisted all types of physical damage unless the weapons used against them were magical or silvered. They were fully immune to fire, lightning, and poisons, and resistant to cold-based attacks.[1]

When forced into close combat, a blue abishai struck out in a double attack with its magical quarterstaff and its bite.[1] As well as staves, such abishai were known to wield tridents.[4] They could also attack with their tails, which came with a jolt of electricity.[2]

Blue abishai were well-prepared for any combat encounters, often possessing useful items, such as elixirs of fire breath and oils of darkness, and having bracers of armor equipped. They also had a chance of summoning other equal or lesser abishai, as well as a group of lemures.[3]


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