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Bluespawn burrowers were large dragonspawn that lived in burrows in the deepest parts of deserts.[1]


Bluespawn burrowers were large creatures that stood 5 ft (1.5 m) tall and were about 8‒10 feet (2.4‒3.0 meters) long. The front claws were massive, to aid in digging, and the tail had numerous spikes on it. Bluespawn burrowers weighed about 4,000 lb (1,800 kg). Their scales were normally a pearlescent deep blue, although the young were a dusky gray color.[1]


Bluespawn burrowers preferred to ambush their victims, bursting out of the sand and quickly attacking with their tail and electric blast. Bluespawn burrowers had a strong affinity for lightning, so much so that it coursed through their body constantly.[1]


Bluespawn burrowers were not the most intelligent spawn of Tiamat, but they were often employed by other dragonspawn to dig out fortifications and monuments to the goddess. Using their lightning abilities, bluespawn burrowers could even craft glass at the direction of more intelligent dragonspawn.[1]

Bluespawn burrowers preferred to live in the deepest parts of deserts near oases. However, servants of Tiamat would bring burrowers with them for building and fighting, so finding one far from a desert was not impossible.[1]

Bluespawn burrowers were carnivores who hunted in small groups. They did not require much water and could go weeks without food. They preferred to remain near oases for the steady food supply; once a pack had exhausted the area's food supply, they moved on.[1]

True to their name, bluespawn burrowers lived in burrows that were maintained by smaller pack members. Larger pack members acted as hunters.[1]

It was not known if bluespawn burrowers were capable of reproducing like bluespawn ambushers, or if they were hatched in a different way like some other dragonspawn.[1]




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