Bluespawn godslayers were massive, powerful dragonspawn born to kill the most powerful enemies of Tiamat.[2]


Bluespawn godslayers were massive, draconic humanoids that stood some 18 feet (5.5 meters) tall and weighed as much as 18,000 pounds (8,200 kilograms). They were covered in blue scales and had dragon-like horns and claws.[2]


Bluespawn godslayers were at their most deadly when fighting outsiders and good dragons. They were immune to electricity and utilized it in their attacks. They had little skill at ranged attacks and preferred to fight using melee weapons.[2]


Bluespawn godslayers were the favored spawn of Tiamat, which they knew from hearing her distant roars in their dreams. In dragonspawn armies, they acted as heavy hitters and anchor points in the front lines.[2]

Bluespawn godslayers, although deadly and arrogant, were not very smart and had little leadership ability. They valued their skill with melee weapons and disliked wearing armor.[2]

Bluespawn godslayers were always genderless, hatching from the eggs of blue dragons. They were carnivorous creatures willing to eat anything that fell to their blades.[2]




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