Boars were wild relatives of the domestic pig.[2]

Physical descriptionEdit

Boars were covered in thick fur, often brown or grayish in color. The exact size of a boar varied from species to species, from roughly human size to roughly the mass of an ogre or similarly sized creature. All varieties of boars were armed with sharp tusks that jutted out from beneath their snout and which were capable of causing serious injury. Boars also had a highly developed sense of smell.[3]


Though not predatory by nature, boars were ill-tempered and territorial, a combination made worse by boars' powerful musculature and sharp tusks.[3]



Boars were found in most locales across the world, from chilly tundras to hot jungles. They were also found in the Feywild as well as on the Prime Material Plane.[2]


Boars usually traveled in groups known as sounders.[2]


There were several species of boar, some of which are listed below.

Dire boar
Larger than usual boars with increased aggression.
The domestic variant of boars, raised for livestock.
Thunderfury boar
The fey derivative of boars, which were far more ferocious than their Prime kin.


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