Boareskyr was the adventurer who founded the bridge known as Boareskyr Bridge during the early days of human settlement.[2][1][3][note 1]


The first temporary crossing that later became the Boareskyr Bridge was constructed by the hero to cross the river with an army and attack the Bloody Tusks orc tribe destroying them as a result.[2]

In 1377 DR the Boareskyr Bridge was under the control of the Boareskyr family, namely, dimwitted Becil and Bullard Boareskyr. Another descendant of the hero's was Eidola of Neverwinter who was to wed Piergeiron the Paladinson.[4]



  1. The 4th edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide states the bridge was named after a Realm, while the 2nd edition sourcebook Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast cites Boareskyr was an adventurer.


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