Bobby[1] the Barbarian was an adventurer and companion of Elminster's apprentice, Presto.[2]



A young Bobby.

Bobby was the youngest of his adventuring group, but was certainly able. The barbarian, always ready for battle, would be quick to rage and strike with his greatclub. In his early years, he was often found with his pet unicorn, Uni.[1]

In his adult years, Bobby grew to be the largest of his group in both height and width. He became extremely muscular and his hair significantly darkened from blonde to brown. Much of his apparel remained the same.[2]


The barbarian wielded a thunder club, and wore hide armor +2, an amulet of natural armor and boots of the winterlands. He also carried with him several potions, and other items such as solvents and glue.[1]


Bobby was originally from Earth, but he became trapped in the Realm. Tiamat was known to visit the Realm, and despised the adventurers' presence.[1]

In the mid–14th century DR, Bobby and his friends made their way to the Old Skull Inn. Bobby helped influence Elminster to take on his friend, Presto, as an apprentice.[2]

In or some time prior to 1369 DR, Bobby was noted to have passed. He was slain by Tiamat and presumably eaten alive. A portrait of him was displayed in the Adventurer Mart of Athkatla.[3]



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