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Boddyknock Glinckle.

Boddyknock Glinckle was a male gnome sorcerer from Lantan who was present in Neverwinter during the Wailing Death.


A henchman to the Hero of Neverwinter, Boddyknock was skilled in arcane magic but also used a crossbow and dagger when needed. He was said to be a very serious looking gnome, often deep in thought and concentrating on the world around him.


Similar to other born and bred Lantanese gnomes, Boddyknock was deeply interested in science and applied a logical outlook to his lifestyle and work, despite being skilled in magic and not an inventor like many Lantanese natives were. He tended to be very enthusiastic and obsessive with his past times, whatever they may have been, one of those being interested and investigating the plague which hit Neverwinter. He claimed to first and foremost be a sorcerer, despite his investigatory tendencies as well.


His adventures resulted in his search and acquisition of a leavened bread recipe, found in Siril's Bakery within the Beggar's nest district of Neverwinter. Similarly, he discovered a Prism Blossom seed along the East Road and some dragon scale in Moonwood.


He was born in Lantan and apprenticed under a sorcerer called Prophyro. Boddyknock's exploring resulted in his stay in Neverwinter when the wailing death hit. He could be found in the Trade of Blades where many aspiring henchman tried to find work. Boddyknock took a deep interest in a cure for the plague and looked to Beggars Nest, its recent zombie problems and the potential link and solution. However, it became too dangerous on his own to continue his investigation. He had the option to work alongside the Hero of Neverwinter in order to save the people from the plague and further cult plots.




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