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The Body Shop was a store belonging to the Datharathi chaka in Vaelan, Durpar. They grafted customers with plangent crystal prosthetics, turning them into plangents.[1]


The Body Shop was visible from far away even in the bustle of Vaelan, thanks to the statue atop it.[1]


Atop the building a smoothly flowing, slender humanoid statue made of both gray stone and rose quartz reached for the sky. The statue was about 75 feet (23 meters) tall.[1]

The lobby was longer than it was wide, made of flowing lines, with six displays: three on each lateral wall, advertising plangent configurations for sale: there was nothing else visible save for a white door.[1]


For those with the money, any plangent configuration could be provided.[1]


Warian Datharathi, who left the city after 1367 DR, learned in 1374 DR that plangents had become common in Vaelan during his absence.[2] It was popular knowledge that one could become a plangent at the Body Shop,[1] suggesting that th Body Shop had been founded sometime after 1367 DR.

Rumors & Legends[]

Per Eined Datharathi, those who took the crystal into their own bodies were no longer themselves.[3]





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