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Bog hags were vile, swamp-dwelling hags, heinous crones that preyed on humans. They stole the flesh of their victims to hide their hideous forms, using their hides as an appealing, skin-deep disguise.[3]


In their true forms, bog hags appeared as green, ugly beldams with jagged teeth and sharp nails, standing about 6 ft (1.8 m) tall and weighing about 110 lb (50 kg) on average.[3] Like other hags, they could disguise their natural appearance, most often taking the form of a human, half-elf, young elven woman, or eladrin.[2][1]


Bog hags were skilled in the art of deception and reading intent,[3] as well as intimidation. They were also well-versed in matters of the natural world.[2][1]


Bog hags could walk unimpeded through swamps, swim as fast as they could run, and could breathe underwater.[2][1][3] Fire was particularly dangerous to them.[3] The unwholesome presence of a bog hag made recovery from injury more difficult.[2][1] Their claws carried a disease known as bog rot, which would temporarily damage one's vitality after a few days had passed.[3]

Unlike ordinary hags, which used illusion or bodily alteration to change their appearances without aid, a bog hag altered herself by stealing and wearing the skin of her victims. Through an innate supernatural power, their body shaped and conformed to the skin suit, allowing them to temporarily masquerade as the victim for a time.[3] After shifting skins,[2] the hag would quickly recover from injury for the next few minutes until fully restored to her normal state. Barring the use of a gentle repose spell however, the skin would rot away and become useless within a week.[3]


Bog hags staked out territory from below bodies of water near human communities, waiting to ambush the unwary that came by.[3][4] Rarely did they attack victims in groups, instead swimming up behind individuals and attacking from the water.[3] They fought with hit-and-run tactics, charging past their prey as they slashed them with their claws.[1] Their flesh-rending talons were particularly deadly if both cut into their victims, for if they got a good hold on their prey, they would swim underwater in an attempt to drown them.[3][2][1] Aside from numbers, bog hags typically fled if their enemies brandished flames against them.[3]



Bog hags dwelt in marshes and mires[4] and were especially lethal in areas where no one expected their presence.[3] Following the spellplague, they were particularly known to be found in the Meirig Peatlands of Gwynneth Isle.[5]


Bog hags sometimes performed dark rituals to create lacedon servants.[6]

Notable Bog Hags[]

  • Evelda Bloodbath, one of the captains of the Tidescourge pirate gang.[7]



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