Bolhur the Clanless was the father of Durlag Trollkiller and lived in the Western Heartlands of Faerûn.[1]

He was a great warrior in his time, earning him the name Thunderaxe. He roamed Faerûn, much like his son one day would. He was a well respected dwarf.

Unfortunately, Bolhur's legacy would not be his adventures and achievements. People would remember him as Bolhur the Clanless, as he died whilst away on an adventure. Although he had a son, Bolhur died alone with no friends or family by his side.

This lonesome death haunted his son Durlag, and the young dwarf vowed he would not share his father's fate. After completing many adventures himself, Durlag invested the wealth he had earned into a large fortress to raise a clan. However, due to a number of tragic circumstances, Durlag did end up dying alone.[citation needed]

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Although the player never interacts with Bolhur, they learn about him from books and riddles put in place by Durlag Trollkiller, in the game Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast.

The player can also loot Bolhur's tomb, and in doing so will find the best set of armor available in the game. The Practical Defence is plate mail +3 that weighs little more than leather armor.

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