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The Bone Brothers Bakadi were a pair of skulls that once belonged to brothers Jamzo and Jemzo Bakadi of Memnon.[1]


These enchanted skulls were imposed with powerful sorcery that allowed the owner to cast various necromantic spells. The spell of animate dead consumed five charges, death armor four, death ward three, and lastly, the circle of death spell could be used only once. The Bone Brothers Bakadi held twelve charges as of 1372 DR.[1]


Jamzo and Jemzo Bakadi were believed to be the finest thieves of Memnon, Calimshan. Their skills and bravery made the brothers legends in their time and led them to head one of the major crime cartels of Memnon. The duo disappeared circa 972 DR, after announcing their plans of pulling the heist of a lifetime. Their skulls were discovered in the tomb underneath the hamlet of Liam's Hold in 1372 DR, among other mundane skulls piled up on a stone throne. The skulls of the Bone Brothers Bakadi, evidently, were tampered with by an individual of great magical skill. It was likely that the thieves were caught breaking into Sunder Halyndliam's tower and were punished accordingly. The brothers were turned into powerful enchanted pair of skulls—Bone Brothers Bakadi.[1]



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