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The Book of Bats was a spellbook of unknown origin found in the Realms.[1]


This tome was tall and narrow, measuring approximately three handwidths wide and nine handwidths tall. All 22 pages were made from polished electrum and each page contained a different spell. The front and rear covers of the book were plated with blackened oak stamped with real bat wings, many of which still contained their claws.[1]


The Book of Bats contained the following spells:[1]

censurehold vaporfeign deathprotection from good 10' radiusslowBeltyn's burning blooddimension doorfearpolymorph otherwall of fireanimate deadcloudkillcone of coldfeeblemindtelekinesiswall of ironanti-magic shelldeath spellgeasinvisible stalkerproject imageblade of doom


Though the book contained spells from the wizards Beltyn and Shaeroon, it was believed to have been assembled after their deaths. The first recorded sighting of the Book of Bats was in Calimshan during the mid-12th century DR, where it was found among a satrap's possessions.[1]

The book changed hands many times over its history as either it was stolen or the owner was murdered by rivals.[1]


Because of the sinister nature of the majority of spells contained on its pages, the Book of Bats was a tome considered to be found only in the hands of a vile spellcaster.[1]

Notable ownersEdit

The mage Malharduu of Tashluta had purchased the tome and made arrangements to have it shipped to him, but the vessel carrying the book from Calimport was attacked by pirates and the fate of the book remained unknown.[1]

Khondall Sszundar was able to catalog the tome's spells while it was under his care after purchasing it from Chulu Thall of Ithmong. Khondall lost the book when his tower was sacked by demons.[1]



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