The Book of Kaza was a tome written by the lich Kaza. It outlined some of the most dreadful, esoteric knowledge related to the school of necromancy.[1]

To some, the pages of the book appeared completely blank.[1]


Following Kaza's destruction during the final days of ancient Netheril, his namesake book was transported southwest by the lich's followers. It wound up in the region that later came to be known as Amn. By the mid–14th century DR, the book's resting place lay within the Grave District of Athkatla.[1]

Around the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, the tome was actively sought after by the book collector Pimlico. He hired Korgan Bloodaxe and a number of other ne'er-do-wells to retrieve the Book of Kaza from within a tomb in Athkatla's graveyard.[1]



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