The Book of Thorns was a druidic spellbook of unknown origin found in the Realms.[1]


This tome consisted of four sheets of parchments, bound with thornroot vines between two boards of plain oak.[1]


The Book of Thorns contained the following spells:[1]

Call lightninggreenwoodcontrol vaporPhezult's sleep of ageswall of thorns


The creator of this tome was unknown, though it was speculated it may have been the Hierophant druid Khamlautas Iriphar from Cormyr.[1]

It was gifted to the reclusive druid Aubaerus of the Dalelands by a druid circle known as the Battledale Seven, who had dissolved sometime before the mid–14th century DR who in turn had received it from the druid circle called the Ring of Wyvernwater.[1]



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