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The Book of the World was an enigmatic tome discovered in Asram in approximately 1254 DR; from the oxidation of the pages, the copy discovered book was probably created some 400 years before that. The book consisted of some 300 sheets of a thin, flexible metal upon which a simplified runic script in an extremely ancient form of Thorass had been scribed. Only a single copy of the book was ever found, but it was evidently once the center of a body of religious beliefs. It contained a massive amount of mythological content, apparently having sprung from a sophisticated culture of a kind never known to have formed in Asram.[1]

The Book of the World was notable for providing an origin myth for dragonkind, apparently a mythologized recount of the Tearfall in the Days of Thunder. Godlike beings mentioned in the myth include Asgorath, Zotha, and a dragon called the Renegade, credited for the creation of metallic dragons. The Thorass word for renegade is bahmat, very similar to the modern name Bahamut.[1]

Because there were no humanoid mythological figures in the myths, it's been speculated that the myths originated among dragons, probably red dragons because it credits red dragons as the original draconic species, and subsequently spread to whatever humanoid culture created the book.[1]


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