Boon of the god was an alteration/necromancy spell that allowed a cleric to temporarily heal themselves of any wounds or illnesses at the cost of their eyesight.[1]

This spell was used among the faithful of the deity Tyr when desperate measures were needed in combat.[1]


When this spell was cast, the cleric was immediately healed to the fullest degree. Any limbs they had missing were restored, internal organs functioned in perfect order, and any energy drain effects were reversed. These effects lasted for a matter of six minutes.[1]

During this time, the priest was immune to any further physical injuries, magical effects, and supernatural boons or hindrances.[1]

Additionally, the caster was rendered completely blind. This effect had a much longer duration, continuing for a matter of months, depending on the skill and power of the caster. The blindness caused by the boon of the god could not be cured during the six-minute duration, except by a casting of the spell wish.[1]

After the boon was over, any previously healed wounds were re-inflicted upon the priest. Additionally, any injuries or magical effects placed upon them during the boon's duration took effect.[1]


This spell only required verbal and somatic components in order to be cast.[1]


This spell was known to have been inscribed upon one of the scrolls contained within the Balance of Belaros.[1]



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