Boraksaghegirak, commonly called Borak, was an ancient blue dragon residing in the ruins of the city of Imer in the Calim Desert.[1]


Hundreds of years before the 14th century DR, Borak allied with an eager and able wizard. The two worked together for some time, acquiring great wealth and greater treasure, including a djinni in a ring—Rajief. After years of working together, the wizard tried to bind Borak to his servitude, which ended disastrously for the enterprising mage as he was killed and the city destroyed, its inhabitants scattered to the corners of the great desert.

Thereafter, Borak decreed that the desert tribe pay tribute in the form of dragonly treasures and servants for pampering, or the occasional meal. Borak eventually grouped the male servants into a harem for her carnal amusements, visiting them in human form. More than once, she spawned a half-dragon offspring. Killing the females, the males became her personal guard, the Al-Iborak, or "Sons of Borak".

Generally, her sons handled the local dastardly deeds of keeping the desert tribes in line with her rule and order, as well as collecting the tribute and so on. To her most favored sons, Borak awarded mates from among the tribeswomen, thus securing her lineage.

None who sought to destroy her and champion the desert tribes fared well against Borak and her Sons.[1]


Boraksaghegirak, like most every other dragon in Faerûn or elsewhere, was mainly interested in keeping her life pampered and her lair filled with trinkets and baubles that suited her. In Borak's case, she was well off, having the tribes to pay tribute and so on. Occasionally, to prevent boredom from setting in, she searched out rare arcane relics or elusive pieces of forgotten lore. For this, she used her sons or her djinn servant.[1]


Boraksaghegirak was gargantuan, and covered her full length by vibrant cobalt scales which turned more turquoise toward her stomach, before fading to the pale color of her under-scales. She was most often seen just resting in her lair, hardly acknowledging visitors. On occasion, she traveled around in the guise of a beautiful desert tribeswoman, traveling among tribes in either complete disguise, or in full regalia.[1]


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