Borem's Quagheart was a potent magical artifact.[1]


The Quagheart was a malodorous lump of brown skin and muscle, covered in slime and mud—the final remains of the god Borem of the Lake of Boiling Mud.[1]


As long as the Quagheart remained pierced by another artifact, such as the Jathiman Dagger, it conferred great powers upon its wielder. The wielder grew tougher, gained the ability to breathe freely (similar to the effect of a necklace of adaptation), and could walk on the surface of mud. If the piercing artifact were removed, the Quagheart would spew forth a geyser of warm and muddy water. If this geyser were allowed to continue for 30 days, it would reform the Lake of Boiling Mud,[note 1] and legends claimed such an event would bring about the return of Borem himself. The only way to re-plug the hole in the Quagheart was through a massive feat of raw strength.[1]



  1. Faiths and Pantheons uses the name "Lake of Burning Mud" for this specific occurrence, but seeing as every other reference to a mud lake—both in the sourcebook, as well as in relation to Borem—is to "Lake of Boiling Mud", "Burning Mud" is assumed to be an error.


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