Borri mac Rogni was a dwarf priest of Moradin in the Moonsea.[1]


Borri was a priest and a member of the Hammer of Moradin in Earthfast.


In battle, Borri dressed in a chain shirt and fought with a mace.[2]


In 1491 DR, after Furgis Boltsmelter stole the elemental codex from Earthfast, Borri was chosen to be part of a Hammer squad led by Kalda Purefist to pursue him and retake the item. Near Mulmaster, Kalda, Borri and the squad confronted Furgis and his adventuring party bodyguards when the Cult of the Black Earth attacked both groups.[3] In the battle against the earth cultists, Kalda and most of her men died but Borri and the warrior Sunni mac Grunna survived. Borri made an agreement with Furgis and/or his adventuring party bodyguards and continued the journey with them.[4]

At last, after Murssvayas Dhuurniv copied the codex, Borri and Sunni took it back to Earthfast.[5]




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