Borth Jhandelspar was a barbarian who worked as a guide in Triboar in the Savage Frontier.


He was cast out of his tribe as a youth and adopted by a Triboar family. There, he later served as a guide to anyone who came to the town seeking his services. He was known for traveling from Yartar to Triboar in a blizzard wearing only a loincloth and boots, carrying a sword and singing loudly, to bring the news whilst Triboar was snowed-in.

When Volothamp Geddarm came to Triboar to write a guidebook on the region, and about Borth, Borth was pleased and thought it would bring in business. Borth advised him to cover a well-burning fire with damp turf in order to keep it alight overnight.


Borth was good-humored, but was prone to go berserk in a fight.[1]


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