Borustine (pronounced: /ˈbɔːrəstɪnɛBORE-uh-stine[1]) was a wizard in Hillsfar in 1357 DR.[1]


Borustine had a career as an adventurer and mercenary, fighting with armies in Tethyr and south Faerûn. After settling in Hillsfar, he helped to defeat an invading dragon on the city's docks. Borustine supported Maalthiir's coup to overthrow the corrupt Council. Afterward, he gave legitimacy to Maalthir's government and acted as advisor for the new lord.[1]


Borustine was focused on his magic studies, specializing in guards, wards, and protective fields. Often he helped adventurers for the right price but never to directly harm others.[1]


Borustine was a tolerant and silent man, trying to avoid politics for most of his career.[1]



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