Bosco's Bilge was a tavern in Jahaka Anchorage made from the hull of an upside down ship. It catered to the off-duty pirate crews relaxing at the anchorage.[1]


Bosco's Bilge was built from the hull of a captured ship that was too slow to be used as a pirate ship. The pirates hauled it out of the bay, hacked it apart, and flipped it upside down to form a building.[1]

The tavern contained benches, stools, and a few tables on a sand floor. It reeked of spilled beer, old food, and stale tobacco smoke.[1]


Bosco prepared boiled shark, roasted snake, and other jungle delights in a small kitchen in the back of the tavern.[1]


The tavern's proprietor was a human man named Bosco Daggerhand. Bosco kept a semi-tame deinonychus as a guard animal, which he controlled with his magic ring. The pirates referred to the raptor as Knuckles because anyone who was foolish enough to let it nip their hand wouldn't have anything else left.[1]



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