Boswell C. Peddywinkle was a well-connected and well-known caravan merchant who routinely traveled the Ten Towns and Luskan trading in scrimshaw in the mid–14th century DR.[2]


Boswell was a short (5 feet, 4 inches) and pudgy man, but he had a regal appearance. He was around 50 years old in 1369 DR. He had a huge handlebar mustache and keen blue eyes. His hair was pure white but nearly all lost to balding. He often wore an expensive courtly dress.[2]


He was very amiable, outgoing, and chatty. He loved telling fanciful and exaggerated stories about himself.[2] He was known to pay his employees very well.[1]


According to Boswell's stories, at least, the beautiful queen of Salsa loved him and gave him a quite rare bauble.[2]


Peddywinkle had a long career of traveling to the Icewind Dale, trading in scrimshaw, and had an impressive set-up for fishing on the lakes. In the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, he traveled with and eventually was murdered by Celerum the Black who took over his business and persona using his hat of disguise.[2]



The Accursed Tower


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