Bottle Falls was a large waterfall in Calimshan.[1]


The falls were located in the central Marching Mountains, near the source of the Two Falls River.[1]


Bottle Falls was a unique waterfall in that the water dropping some 500 feet into the narrow space between two cliffs fell not into a pool but rather into an old lava tube and vanished. This tube, looking somewhat like a bottle, gave the falls its name. As the water entered the "bottle", it created a strange whistling sound.[1]

The water from the falls erupted from a hill about 600 yards (550 meters) to the southwest in an arc. The water shot 20 feet (6 meters) before crashing to the ground, and the mist created near constant rainbows. This was the second of the "falls" of the Two Falls River.[1]

This second falls was high enough that one could walk under the spray, but this was very dangerous, as the ground below was always slippery and muddy. Mudmen formed in the muck under the second falls, because of the presence of magical items that had collected there.[1]


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