A Bounty hunter was someone who hunted for someone or something for a price. It was an occupation in Faerûn.[1] The Bounty hunter would track, hunt, capture, kill, or seize the thing or person for the right price, no matter the cost to him (unless the cost is more than the gain).[citation needed]


Bounty hunting was a popular alternative for adventurers looking for making a name for themselves. Bounty hunters always attempted to bring back criminals or stolen property to the authorities and the wronged people, or at least eliminate the outlaws and so "repay the debt in blood before the gods."[1]


Although initially people mistrusted bounty hunters, this public attitude toward them began to change in 1400 DR, when the Lords of Waterdeep issued a decree known as the Tarnsmoke Proclamation, by which it became legal in Waterdeep and its patrolled environs to hire bounty hunters to go after wanted outlaws. This practice became very popular over the next decade, and by 1480 DR it was legal in most places along the Sword Coast, though frowned upon by many faiths.[1]

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