The Bounty of the Goddess was a temple of Chauntea located in the town of Archenbridge, in the Dalelands during the mid–14th century DR. It was run by High Harvestmaster Thaliach Mindogar, and staffed by several lesser clerics.[1]


The temple had a magnificent face, with a large arched doorway flanked by two towering pillars that resembled stalks of wheat. This facade led into a large barn filled with plants and crops all sown into the temple's floor of tilled earth.[1]

Statue of ChaunteaEdit

In the front garden of the temple was a large, stone fountain in the shape of Chauntea. In this depiction, sculpted by the famous dwarven stonemason Feldyn Fullbellow, the All-mother took the form of a barely clothed woman emerging from a blossoming flower extending one hand into the air. From her hand emerged an arc of water, which was blessed by her priests, three times per day.[1]

Local tales told that if a priest of Chauntea was slain in the Arkhen Vale, the water within the fountain would turn to blood. It was said this blood could cure disease, infections from fungi or old, mummy rot, lycanthropy, and withering and could even make barren lands fertile.[2]


In addition to typical temple services, the Bounty of the Goddess sold vials of the blessed fountain water. A single vial cost 25 gp, or 20 gp for visiting clergy or dedicated followers of Chauntea.[1]


During the 14th century DR, the worship of Chauntea was still a large part of life for many of the Archenfolk, even in the face of expanding commerce and mercantile enterprises. This increased veneration was due in large part to the leadership of High Harvestmaster Mindogar. Under his guidance, the church's identity transformed from placid and reliable to a local power with political and economic influence. By 1370 DR, Chauntea had become the most-worshiped deity within Archendale.[1]



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