Bowgentle's fleeting journey was an arcane alteration spell that briefly teleported another person or creature to a nearby location and then back to the point of origin.[1]


This spell only worked on a single live creature (not undead or an inanimate object) that was successfully touched while casting the spell. If the creature was not willing, it had a chance to resist, in which case the spell was expended and nothing happened. For the teleport to be successful, the target creature could not be tightly restrained, such as in stocks, clasped in chains, tied up with ropes, caught in spider's webs, etc., or overburdened with equipment or other encumbrances that put the target over the limit of 500 lb (227 kg).[1]

The destination of the teleported creature had to be in sight of the caster, at least casually familiar to the caster, and no farther away than 20 yd (18 m) per level in the horizontal direction and 10 yd (9.1 m) per level in the vertical direction. This spell was similar to teleport in that the more familiar the destination, the greater the chance of arriving exactly on target, rather than too high or too low. However, if the creature arrived inside a solid object, it was shunted to the Astral Plane and stranded there, rather than being killed.[1]

If Bowgentle's fleeting journey successfully teleported a creature, it remained in the new location for one minute and was able to perform any action it normally could perform during that interval. When the spell duration expired, the creature was instantly returned to its original location. Higher-level casters were able to increase the duration of this spell to two minutes.[1]


In addition to the verbal component, the caster had to successfully touch the target creature and point to the desired destination. The material component was a small ball made of uncured rubber.[1]


This spell was invented by the renowned wizard Bowgentle[3] and appeared in Bowgentle's Book, published posthumously by the School of Wonder in Amn.[4] This spell was later published in "Volo's Guide to All Things Magical" and became generally known to the magical community.[5]


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