Bracers of archery, also known as bracers of the perfect shot,[1] were magical bracers that empowered their wearer with a supernatural skill with bows.[2][6]


Typical bracers of archery looked like normal protective wristbands.[6]


A creature attuned to a set of bracers of archery became proficient with shortbows and longbows even without prior training. In addition, arrows shot by someone wearing bracers of archery were more penetrating and damaging than normal. This benefit only worked if both bracers were worn.[2][6]

Notable Bracers of ArcheryEdit

The spirit of the Chultan trickster god Kubazan inhabited a set of bracers of archery that was adorned with carved images of froghemoths. The skin of anyone wearing those bracers was kept disturbingly moist.[7]

The Dale's Protector was a set of bracers that originated from the Great Dale.[8]



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