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Braethan Cazondur was a Lord of Waterdeep in the late 15th century DR.[1]


He spoke slowly and methodically, but he had a quick mind. An utterly ruthless and ambitious man, it was said that Cazondur murdered his father to inherit his business. He was quite intelligent and charismatic, being able to bend others to his will with inspiring words and hatch elaborate plots with many moving parts. As a result of this, he needed little incentive to kill, murdering many nobles and guildmasters who risked interfering in his plans without hesitation.[1]


Braethan Cazondur complemented his lack of magical ability with a large collection of magic items. He possessed a suit of armor of resistance and many magical rings, including several rings of mind shielding, which he used during his plot to assassinate the Masked Lords. He communicated with the wizard Glenmaur using a stone of far speaking. He also owned a staff of the magi, although Belvarra and Suthool replaced it with a non-magical duplicate.[1]


Cazondur was a very wealthy Waterdhavian investor, although he also engaged in sinister plots to further his own ambitions. He often hired adventurers to carry out his less-scrupulous work for him. He planned to discreetly increase his own influence by assassinating Masked Lords in order to fill their vacant positions with his supporters, but after he killed Laeral Silverhand he tried to seize control of the city directly. His plot was foiled, however, when Laeral returned in the body of Elminster.[1]


Cazondur was aided in his plan by a worshiper of Asmodeus named Belvarra Bowmantle and a mind flayer named Suthool, although they later turned on him on the Xanathar's orders.[1]

  • The Xanathar supported Cazondur's scheme in order to distract the Watch and the Open Lords from his operation in Skullport and to gain power in order to expel the Zhentarim from Waterdeep, although he eventually decided Cazondur had gone too far and ordered Bowmantle and Suthool to kill him.[1]

Cazondur hired an elite member of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors named Glenmaur to provide him with magical aid in his schemes, including using a teleportation circle and conjuring an illusory dragon. Glenmaur also helped him kill Laeral Silverhand. He hired another Watchful Order mage named Qasmult to kill Glenmaur, although both wizards were imprisoned in forcecages and arrested.[1]

Under the guise of Antler, Cazondur hired a young Waterdhavian noblewoman named Tasheene Melshimber to kill Masked Lords on his behalf. Tasheene enlisted the help of another noble named Zaraela, a Guildmaster named Roysark Cuthbarrel, and her lover, Darleth Drake.[1]

Cazondur often employed a thug from Dock Ward named Shrikegulk to do his dirty work for him, although he eventually had him murdered.[1]


Rumors & Legends[]

It was said that Cazondur killed his own father to inherit his business.[1]