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A brain golem was an eight-foot-tall humanoid-shaped construct made entirely of brain tissue with a bud of an elder brain for a head. These creations existed only to serve an elder brain and its illithid community. They did not communicate in any way and only reacted to the telepathic orders of mind flayers, and could not attack any mind flayer.[1]


The brain golems tried "mind blasting" their opponents and then tried to batter their strong arms on the weaker enemies. Brain golems were protected by a force field on the inside, similar to the spell mage armor.[1]


Brain golems could either be constructed from brain tissue and then added a head budded by the elder brain,[1] or could be sprouted by the elder brain entirely. An elder brain could sprout up to three brain golems simultaneously. Once their task was completed, the brain golems returned and merged back with the elder brain.[2]

Brain golems could also receive and understand telepathic commands from any mind flayer.[1]



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