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Branches of vile curses were enchanted quarterstaves of crude make, used by Srass Marnanr and his lizardfolk marauders and mercenaries in Cormyr in the late 15th century DR.[1]

Warmbloods are only good for two things. I'll let you guess what those are.
— Srass Marnanr, Lizardfolk Mercenary[1]


The staves possessed powerful +4 or +5 enchantments that made the weapons more deadly and guided the wielder's arms towards the target. The branches of vile curses greatly boosted the wielder's spell power and empowered negative energy and necromancy spells even further, and, upon a critical strike, bestowed a wilting curse on the target.[1]


In the late 15th century DR, a branches of vile curses was wielded by Srass Marnanr, who led Rynarr Nosryrr and a gandg of lizardfolk to attack a prison convoy that transported captured Sharran cultist to the prison in the town of Wheloon.[1]