The Duchy of Brandiar was a small region of Damara in 1357 DR.[1][3][4]


Farming settlements dominated the landscape for most of Brandiar.[1] The duchy was bordered in the west by the Galena Mountains and the Goliad River in the east.[3]


Though the position remained vacant in 1357 DR, historically the Duke of Brandebury was the ruler of the duchy. Duke Ebelard was the last of the Brandebury line to rule. The ruling seat was vacated when he died of a broken heart soon after conceding defeat at the hands of the minions of Zhengyi. Without a successor, the seat remained vacant throughout the Bloodstone Wars. It was not until later, when the forces of Vaasa rose again, that the people of Brandiar joined in the Damaran rebellion. A common farmer named Dormythyrr assumed stewardship of Brandiar, marshaled an army, and joined Gareth Dragonsbane in the fight.[1]


Brandiar spent many years recovering from the horrors of the Bloodstone Wars. The saying "eight of the ten" was common here, referring to the eight years of the war that was fought largely within the duchy's borders.[1]

Much of the duchy was divided on the issue of the new Kingdom of Bloodstone established by Gareth Dragonsbane, with the southern areas supporting Morov and Ostel in the belief that this was a grave mistake.[1]




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