Brandon (pronounced: /ˈbrɑːndɒnBRAN-don[2] or: /ˈbrɑːndɒnBRAHN-don[1]), nicknamed "Battlemaster" was male human fighter and a renowned sword-for-hire around the Sea of Fallen Stars in the mid–14th century DR.[1][2]


Brandon had acquired a long-running and storied reputation in the lands around the Inner Sea before 1356 DR. He had numerous exploits to his name: he destroyed the lich Tharuighagh in the hills near Saerb; he stormed the citadel of the Stonelands bandit lord Jhassilm Onespear; and he extracted the mage Rhondethar Windrider from the dungeons of Westgate, cutting through many city guards.[1][2]


…a place small enough to stand me…
— Brandon on Priapurl.

A master of tactics, Brandon hired himself out as a war-leader for almost any kind of action and for almost any employer, provided it did not involve seafaring and fit his moral code, and particularly if the pay was good. For his services, Brandon charged 20 gold pieces per day for himself, refunding half if the mission was a failure, and 4 gold pieces per day per man-at-arms he was required to bring along.[1][2]

Although based in Priapurl on the Dragon Coast, operated in all the lands in the Inner Sea area, as well as on the trade routes running west through the Western Heartlands to the Sword Coast, so long as he was on dry land.[1][2]


Brandon was a hearty and jovial man, oft given to brawling, but this hid a very shrewd mind with a code of honor. Although a mercenary, he wouldn't do anything that would upset the peace in an area long-term, knowing that large-scale warfare would make his work much more dangerous, increase competition, and reduce funds available to pay him. He detested sea combat and all forms of seafaring, and was only ever found on dry land.[1][2] He would happily tell stories of all his deeds to anyone with the patience.[2]


Brandon had served for a time in the Mindulgulph Mercenary Company (also based at Priapurl). However, despite greatly respecting its commander, Gayrlana, he got along poorly with her inhuman troops.[1][2]



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