The Breath of Petron was a powerful dragonborn artifact.[1]


The Breath of Petron was a flute[2] that looked like a root made of red stone, branching in at least six different directions into finer tubes.[1]


The Breath of Petron granted those who played it the power to control elemental air, earth, and lightning. The artifact demanded a price for its use, however, turning the lungs of those who played it into crystal.[3]


The Breath of Petron was a piece of the lungs of a primordial named Petron. This artifact was made by a slave dragonborn named Haizverad, who stole a small part of the remains of Petron collected by the dragon Versveshardinazar.[1] The Breath of Petron was inherited by the descendants of Haizverad, and used in the Battle of the Crippled Mountain against the red dragon Rhodrolytharnestrix.[4]

After the Spellplague, the dragonborn survivors of Tymanchebar used the Breath of Petron to construct Djerad Thymar, by lifting and fusing the remains of the capital djerad of Tymanchebar,[5] the ruins of the God-Tomb of Nanna-Sin, and rocks from the Smoking Mountains.[6] Since then, the artifact was guarded by members of Clan Shestandeliath.[1]

The Breath of Petron was used again, in Hammer 9 of 1487 DR, by Shestandeliath Geshthax in order to create an earth barrier to protect Djerad Thymar against the advancing Untherite led by Gilgeam.[3]




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