Breath of the Yellow Rose, designed by Greg Marks, is an adventure module set in the Forgotten Realms using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition ruleset. It is part of the Elemental Evil series of adventures published for the D&D Adventurers League. It focuses on Mulmaster, its noble families and the Chapter House of the Yellow Breath. It is an adventure designed for three to seven 1st- to 4th-level characters.

The monks of the Monastery of the Yellow Rose have long cloistered themselves in their home atop the Earthspur Mountains, practicing their strange lifestyle which is rumored to give them longevity. Now, their dietary restrictions and practices of breath control have become the fashion amongst the well-to-do of Mulmaster. But when a few of these lay practitioners start dropping dead from suffocation and starvation, others start to question the validity of the monks’ claims. Is this simply a deadly ignorance, or is there a fell wind blowing through the rich and powerful of Mulmaster?

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The adventure starts off as adventurers are invited to a party by Aleyd Burral in Mulmaster to help the knight gain support for Phlan. During the party it becomes apparent that a new philosophy from the Monastery of the Yellow Rose, known as the Yellow Breath, has become popular among many young nobles. It is also noted that a few recent devotees of the Yellow Breath movement have gone missing.

As the adventurers investigate this new movement and the young noble converts it seems the Yellow Breath philosophy is not what it seems, with many dubious rites being practiced. Eventually the Chapter House of the Yellow Rose is explored where the cult's leader Thylius Caramitru is faced.

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Aleyd BurralArchillAya GlenmiirAyre AffapanovDavnyaEldred KorsinchevEugoneEvyThe Good King SnugglewumpsGarwyl GosHeilaHurnJottKorona CaramitruLiticia GosLucianneOrym IllustrianaOvonPankin YegorovnaPolloRahaiel KakulskaRiasa YegorovnaRoloStefan RowickThibauldThylius CaramitruUsilie RostikVerstVoltz
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Andrik GosAstrid SajBlazen StoeDornal WhitebeardEvna SmeetheJulios CaramitruNinyon GosRassendyll UoumdolphinRosealine CulkinSaint SollarsSelfaril UoumdolphinSerge AffapanovZern Xerkstil
Air elementalAxe beakDust mephitDwarfElfGriffonRavenHumanTressym
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Buildings & Sites
Southroad KeepTower of the BladesUsilie Rostik's Smoke ShoppeWicked TartYellow Breath Chapter House
Material Plane
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AkanûlCormyrDamaraElmwoodEveningstarGate of Good FortuneHigh House of HurtingHouse Built on GoldMonastery of the Yellow RosePhlan
Magic items
ring of mind shielding
The Secret Powers of BreathingsilkrootYellow Breath
AffapanovCaramitruGos Yegorovna
City Watch of MulmasterBrotherhood of the CloakHawksLords' AllianceOrder of the GauntletTheorists
Player Factions
Emerald EnclaveHarpersLords' AllianceOrder of the GauntletZhentarim
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Church of IlmaterChurch of Bane

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