Bremen was the westernmost of the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale.[1]


Bremen was located on the southwestern shore of Maer Dualdon, where the Shaengarne River met the lake.[5] Bremen's position made it susceptible to flooding, although Bremenites knew the signs and lives were rarely lost because of it.[3]


The town was nearly destroyed just prior to 1312 DR in the invasion of the Icewind Dale by the Legion of the Chimera.[6]

In 1356 DR, Bremen and Caer-Konig were given to the barbarians of Icewind Dale after the war with Akar Kessell. Revjak became the spokesperson for Bremen.[7]

The spokesman of the town around the 1360s DR was Gil Haerngen, who, like other Bremenites, had a hobby of searching for gold and treasure on the floodplains along the banks of the river.[3]

In 1482 DR, Catti-brie set up a home base in Bremen while waiting for her appointed rendezvous with her friends.[8]

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