Your bitterness is me [1]

Prince Brennus Tanthul was the youngest brother among the princes, and many would say that Telamont Tanthul has a special fondness for him. Identified early as an intellectual prodigy, the boy was placed in the hands of the city's finest tutors and educators.

Although Brennus displayed the royal family's expected facility with arcane magic, his teachers noted that he showed an equally strong aptitude for history. At his father's direction, Brennus's tutors focused the prince's education on the rich history and lore of the Shadovar. Brennus thrived in this discipline, and today he is one of the City of Shade's foremost experts on its Netherese roots.

It is he who located the remnants of Netheril still extant in Faerûn and sent expeditions to these sites to recover what treasures and knowledge remained there. The prince was convinced that the arcane power hidden in the ruins of Netheril held the key to that plan's success.


When dealing with others, Prince Brennus was very gentlemanly and formal.


Prince Brennus's personal sigil was a silver sphere, above three mountain peaks, in a black silhouette on an ochre field.


Brennus died when Sakkors crashed on Ordulin while he held his brother Rivalen down, finally taking revenge for his mother Alashar.[2]



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