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Brian R. James is a senior software developer by day. In the evenings, he is an active member of the Forgotten Realms online community and an eager student of Realmslore. Brian lives in Washington State with his high school sweetheart Toni and their four children.

Brian got his first big break with the creation of his Grand History of the Realms timeline compilation that started in the late 90s. Utilizing his website at the time, he created vast tomes of knowledge in the form of PDFs that allowed fans to reference each of his entries. This eventually caught the eye of senior Wizards of the Coast developers and was adapted to a print form: The Grand History of the Realms. Since then, Brian has gone on to co-author (and contribute) to many 4th Edition products and releases. He continues to contribute to Dragon Magazine as well as Dungeon Magazine; providing exclusive Forgotten Realms content for 4th Edition D&D.

Recently Brian and his younger brother Matt James have teamed up to produce additional content for the Forgotten Realms as well as D&D as a whole. They can be found at, a website used for the advancement of gaming ideas and the nurturing of creativity.



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