Bridget was a Ffolk human woman and a princess of Callidyrr on the island of Alaron in the Moonshae Isles in the 7th century DR.

In the Year of Nineteen Swords, 621 DR, Princess Bridget of Callidyrr was to marry the Northlander prince Scothgar of Rogarsheim, but she and her whole royal entourage vanished on the voyage to Norland. Ffolk and Northmen each blamed the other for the disappearance, which worsened relations between them.[1] That same year, Moonshaes Ffolk arrived on the shores of the Utter East, where they chose to settle.[1][2] [note 1]

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  1. Although there is no explicit connection between these events, the implication is clear that Bridget's entourage was somehow transported from the Moonshaes to the shores of the Utter East. In fact, author Brian R. James borrowed this from an article entitled "Perilous Portals: The Sea Gates" written by Mark "Markustay" Taylor in Candlekeep Compendium Volume IX, a fan-written netbook, making it an example of fanon turned canon. Taylor's story tells of a pirate who tried to attack Bridget's treasure-laden ships, until a Northlander fleet intervened. Both Ffolk and Northlanders pursued the pirate into a sea portal, before all three were wrecked in a storm on the Great Sea.

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