Briel's Book of Shadows was an untitled spellbook.[2]


The folio was bound with leather and contained 21 pages of stained and worn parchment.[2]


Although untitled, it was commonly referred to as Briel's Book of Shadows. The folio was widely considered to have been penned by the archmage Briel while he was an apprentice under Aumvor. Ubergast, the sage, pointed to some evidence that supports this. He discovered the handwriting within the book was similar to a letter penned by Briel which was found in the archives of Baldur's Gate.[2]


The book contained notes, musings, ramblings, and spells. It had a chapter on the uses of alicorns and the instructions to create a homunculus. It held the following spells:[2]

affect normal firescantripscattersprayshieldwrite



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