Briel's School of the Arcane was a school of wizardry in Baldur's Gate on the Sword Coast.[1]

It was founded by the Archmage Briel, who'd written a letter to the city stating his plan to start a school of wizardry there; this was preserved in the city's archive.[2][3] However, this was done at the guidance of the lich Aumvor the Undying, as part of his plan to revive Netheril's spirit of spellcasting, arcane research, and experimentation in Netherese bloodlines, after previous efforts in the Brotherhood of the Black Hand in Ascalhorn and Ulcaster's School of Conjuration in Beregost failed spectacularly. The result was Briel's School of the Arcane, but it too ultimately failed some time before 1374 DR.[1][note 1]



  1. Champions of Ruins page 176 says Aumvor's plan to create schools of wizardry was "largely" a "spectacular failure", suggesting Briel's School of the Arcane failed somehow, but its actual fate is unknown. No such school has been mentioned in sources on Baldur's Gate.


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